Friday, February 26, 2010

Summary # 6 T. Burns

In the essay "Family Guy and Freud" written by Antonia Peacocke, a student from Harvard University, she makes an interesting comparison between the cartoon Family Guy and Sigmund Freud. She tells of how Family Guy is a show that some people are very against because of it's offensive humor. A New York Times journalist Stuart Elliott claimed that "the characters on the Fox television series Family Guy...purposely offend just about every group of people you could name". To some it is crude but to Antonia Peacocke it isn't as bad as everyone thinks. It has been kicked off the air 2 times in it's running but always comes back which proves a point that many people really enjoy this show. Ironically, the writer of the essay used to be one that opposed the show. Now she is a true blue fan of it. The jokes on the show can be a little off-color but mean well. It is either trying to get a good point across or just saying it like it is. Family Guy will most likely be on the air for years to come because of the fan base and people who love and learn from this show.

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